In 2015 Gabriel and Brooke Anderson launched their furniture brand, Gabriel Dean Design. Sothebys called them “designers to watch” and indeed they have quickly gained recognition for their pieces which effortlessly inhabit the space between rigorous mathematical precision and an almost whimsical freedom of form. Anderson and his American artisans breathe life into his bold and innovative designs defined by precise lines, rich finishes, and unconventional shapes. The result is a collection of furniture with a spirit and life of its own. 

Gabriel was mentored by Jamie Drake and Vicente Wolfe, two of the design world’s top talents, and holds advanced degrees in both interior and industrial design. In contrast, Brooke specializes in counseling and human behavior. She is focused on how people interact with and are influenced by the spaces they live in. 


Gabriel and Brooke have been married for twelve years and are the proud adoptive parents of three children; Penelope, Tucker, and Wolfgang. Though they’re Colorado natives, they now live in Westchester, New York.